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     We are pleased to announce that the Microbiological Laboratory of J.S. Hamilton Hungaria Kft. on the 16th of November 2016 received the accredited status by the National Accreditation Authority (NAH) under the registration number NAH-1-1801/2016 and was registered until 15th November, 2021.


Besides being a Full Member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), the National Accreditation Authority (NAH) has also received the subscription right and has signed the Multilateral Agreement (EA MLA) of the European Accreditation (EA), so the analyses of the Microbiological Laboratory are accepted not only in Hungary but also abroad.


The National Food Chain Safety Office has licensed the operation of the Microbiological Laboratory on the 27th June, 2016 under the registration number 131/2016/Lab/NÉBIH.




Engineering inspection & expediting

Engineering inspection & expediting






The sister company, J.S. Hamilton Quality Services Sp. z o.o., offers professional services, both in Poland and Eastern Europe but also throughout the world, applicable to the following equipment and materials:

Mechanical equipment: steel constructions, offshore  equipment, boilers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, storage tanks, tubular products, valves , rotating equipment (turbines, generators, engines, pumps, compressors etc.)
Electrical equipment: motors, transformers, switchgears, circuit breakers, disconnecting switches, power capacitors and reactors, instrumentation, cables etc.
Miscellaneous industrial products: various steel mill products, vehicles, railway and rolling stock items, electrical and electronic appliances etc.

Types of Services

J.S. Hamilton Poland S.A. is able to provide the following quality services applicable to industrial products and plant equipment:

Shop Surveys

The purpose of this service is to survey Client's supplier shops to ensure that they meet contractual requirements in terms of technical capability and quality assurance / quality control. This can be arranged either prior to placing purchase order, thus enabling the Client to make a decision which supplier to select, or after placing a purchase order. The latter case enables Client to request corrective action when appropriate.

In-process Inspection

This type of inspection is performed during the manufacturing process in order to ensure that the Client's requirements are fully met by the supplier during design and procurement. This may be achieved by means of statistical control or any other method required and approved by the Client.

Witnessed Performance Tests

Independent inspectors witness tests performed on plant equipment at manufacturers' premises in order to confirm that the equipment fully complies with contractual requirements and approved standards. Inspectors witnessing the tests also ensure that they are performed in an objective manner, with respect to applicable standards/codes/procedures and by use of appropriate testing methods and instruments.

Inspection of Completeness, Packing and Marking

The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that:
  • Packing has been made in accordance with requirements for transportation and storing applied
  • Shipping marks are in accordance with prescribed requirements
  • Shipment is complete against specification and/or packing list

Supervision of Loading

This inspection is usually applicable to plant equipment transported by ocean vessels when factors such as size, weight or fragility may cause problems during their loading and stowage.


The purpose of expediting is to endeavour to remove constraints to timely delivery relative to contractual delivery requirements. This is primarily achieved through interaction with vendors but may also involve sub-vendors. Clients are advised on possible delays and expediting actions taken for resolution.

QA/QC Services on Construction Site

J.S. Hamilton Quality Services Sp. z o.o. provides QA/QC services on plant construction sites. Assigned QA/QC engineers supervise site construction works and their progress, participate in start-up tests and commissioning on behalf of Contractor or ultimate Customer.

Co-ordination Procedures

Company's procedures ensure full co-ordination of clients requirements in order to ensure that all are transmitted to Field Inspectors / Expeditors, interpreted as necessary, well understood, and that any queries or doubts are resolved.

Inspection and expediting services are co-ordinated taking into consideration the following objectives:
  • Overall control of inspection/expediting orders
  • Selection of competent inspection engineers and expeditors
  • Provision of reliable management services at every level
  • Instruction of Field Inspectors / Expeditors on Client's specific requirements
  • Supervision of Field Inspectors / Expeditors performance
  • Coordinating of reporting in order to ensure that all Inspection / Expediting Reports are issued in a timely manner in accordance with Client's requirements and that they are fully traceable.


Our Skills Inventory entails a number of experienced Inspection Engineers and Expeditors, both Polish and international. We provide highly specialized inspectors in all engineering disciplines, including Welding Engineers certified to IWE (International Welding Engineer) and/or IWI (International Welding Inspector) and expertise in NDT (Non Destructive Testing) techniques. All our Inspectors are either fulltime salaried employees or work with us on an exclusive basis. Full list of our Inspectors may be provided on request.


Over fifteen years of operation we have provided our services to tens of international engineering projects in Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical and Offshore industries, serving to leading Engineering Contractors and Operators all over the world.

Our Reference List may be provided on request.






For more information please contact us at enge@hamilton.com.pl





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