Trainings and Advisory

Trainings and Advisory



J.S.Hamilton Poland S.A. deals with prestigious seminars, trainings as well as laboratories directing to food and cosmetics industry,  household chemistry, municipal and fuel sector.

Whom do we dedicate it to ?

The members of our trainings can be technologists, employees dealing with quality fields and  laboratory manufacture. We also look for the staff  responsible for products quality safety, people being in charge as well as those working in law and marketing fields.
Everyone can not only rise their professional skills, improve the effectiveness of work but also become better prepared for performing professional tasks – spending not big sums of money on our trainings.

Where do we held the trainings ?

The seminars and trainings are held at conference rooms and laboratories in such cities like Warsaw, Gdynia, Katowice, Poznań and Maków Mazowiecki.
We provide all the participants with comfortable conditions in order to acquire the knowledge.
Giving alternative, there exists possibility to perform the trainings at the client's place, which is very advantageous due to cutting down on expenses, possibility of taking part in a huge groups of employees.
What is also important, the trainings and discussions will concern the products only or the issues being in the interest of a certain organization.

Our lecturers

The trainings are held by the lecturers coming from our own staff. We take considerable advantage of their rich knowledge and experience. We are also much willing to invite university experts and other scientific centers, the representatives of ministry departments as well as the employees of leading consulting companies not only from Poland but foreign countries.

We would be much grateful if you could get to know our offer and take a part in our trainings.


The field of trainings


Participants can find in our offer trainings of safety and quality of foods, sensorial evaluation and microbiological as well as allergen and GMO analysis laboratories . We also provide educational system of management such as BRC and IFS laboratories directed to trade market and their suppliers.


The trainings concerning the safety of food packaging, specific and global migration, educational laboratories which concern the microbiology analysis of packaging as well as changes of smell or taste of food while being in touch with packaging.


Training and educational laboratories dealing with sensorial and microbiological analysis of cosmetics, law regulations concering the safe usage as well as marking of cosmetic products.

Environmental Protection

Trainings and educational laboratories concerning sewage cultivation,
seminaries directed to producers who are interested in how to run the packaging waste. There are also training about tasks of town in the field of environmental protection as well as expenditure due to taking advantage of our environment.

Chemical and oil products

Trainings in the field of sampling of fuel and oil as well as accounting of oil.We would be much grateful if you could get to know our offer and take a part in our trainings.




We offer the services in the field of expertising and consulting in many ranges connected with the quality and safety of food, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, veterinary and food regulations.The advisory comprises  (among the other things) :

  • to define the requirements concerning the quality of raw materials and products. At the same time taking into account the technology and hygiene of food  - HACCP, GMP, GHP as well as to identify  and evaluate the risk owing to food safety.
  • To consult in the field of working out the proper label.
  • To evaluate and interpret the results of current inspection as well as permanent monitoring of quality.
  • To search for new solutions as far as risk situations are concerned.


Within the range of our consulting services we offer internal audits concerning the inspection of quality. This can take place either at our client's place or at their suppliers.




For more information please contact us at hamilton@hamilton.com.pl


Hamilton On-Line




     We are pleased to announce that the Microbiological Laboratory of J.S. Hamilton Hungaria Kft. on the 16th of November 2016 received the accredited status by the National Accreditation Authority (NAH) under the registration number NAH-1-1801/2016 and was registered until 15th November, 2021.


Besides being a Full Member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), the National Accreditation Authority (NAH) has also received the subscription right and has signed the Multilateral Agreement (EA MLA) of the European Accreditation (EA), so the analyses of the Microbiological Laboratory are accepted not only in Hungary but also abroad.


The National Food Chain Safety Office has licensed the operation of the Microbiological Laboratory on the 27th June, 2016 under the registration number 131/2016/Lab/NÉBIH.