Cannabis Tests

Medical cannabis

J. S. Hamilton Poland is a renowned laboratory performing pharmaceutical tests.


We hold the GMP Certificate, the permission to manufacture or import pharmaceutical drugs, and the permission to manufacture, process and reprocess psychotropic substances.


In addition, we are the only independent laboratory in the Polish market that has successfully and without supervision, passed the US “FDA Approved” inspection.


In Poland, there are hundreds of thousands of patients suffering from ailments, which could be relieved by cannabis drugs. Raw medical hemp is a drug from the “N” category. As it contains approximately 100 active substances, including cannabinoids, the so-called THC and CBD, it is frequently used in palliative medicine.


JSHP Laboratory is prepared to carry out scientific investigations of physical-chemical properties of medical cannabis and industrial hemp. Releasing a safe and effective product to the market is the core principle in the production of medicines and raw materials.


Medical marijuana in Poland has been legalized on November 1, 2017. In response to the regulation, J. S. Hamilton has decided to address the needs of our customers and of the growing medical marijuana market by offering new services:


  • test of cannabinoid profile,
  • test of pesticide and mycotoxins residues,
  • test of heavy metal residues,
  • test of microbiological purity,
  • test of solvent residue,
  • test of terpenes content.