Cargo Control

Port inspections

J.S. Hamilotn Poland Sp.z o.o. offers full qualitative and quantitative control of all commodities imported and exported from Polish ports such as Gdynia, Gdańsk and Szczecin.


Inspection and control services


  • weight determination of break bulk – weighing supervision (calibrated scales, wighbridge etc.) draft survey and measurement is warehouses
  • determination of liquid bulk storage tank, ullage, measurement of inland tanks
  • tank and hold cleanliness
  • sampling
  • supervision of cargo loading, discharging and storage
  • photographic reporting
  • inspection reports in Polish and English languages
  • advisory and training


Inspected goods:


  • grain, oilseeds, pulses, oilseed middlings
  • vegetable oils and animal fats
  • dairy products
  • foods – sugar, fruits, vegetables, spices
  • break bulk cargo – steel products
  • minerals and chemicals – coal, coke, ores, metals, fertilizer, aggregates
  • scrap and steel products
  • biomass


We also provide inspection and control of exported grain commodity in warehouses.


Laboratory analysis


Our agriculture laboratory, situated close to port terminals, provide comprehensive cereals testing.


Offer includes: 


  • organoleptic evaluation – odor, color, pest infestation
  • foreign matter


Apart from classic analytical testing methods, our laboratories provide a rapid instrumental technique for the analysis of cereals (NIR) with FOSS and PERTEN instruments of the following parameters:


  • moisture
  • protein in dry matter
  • gluten
  • density
  • falling number
  • oil content in rapeseed