Certification of products and systems

Voluntary product certification

Certification in the scope of accreditation


Certification regarding the accreditation held in Hamilton TEST is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17065 standard and the applicable certification programs.


The wide scope of accreditation allows us to conduct assessments of products from various industries:


  • security equipment, alarm and warning systems,
  • protective equipment (safety) of machines,
  • products and devices intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres,
  • devices for alarm and warning systems,


  • pneumatic and hydraulic equipment,
  • pipelines and piping components,
  • valves,
  • pumps,
  • hydraulic and pneumatic drives and controls,
  • compressors and pneumatic equipment,


  • electrotechnical products,
  • electrical and electronic equipment of machines,
  • electrical equipment,
  • switchgear and controlgear,
  • lamps and their equipment,
  • electric motors,
  • chokes,
  • electrical equipment for work in special conditions,


  • audio and video products,
  • telecommunications products,


  • loads (EMC range),


  • road vehicles,
  • diagnostics, service, and testing equipment,


  • handling machinery,
  • lifting equipment,
  • continuous handling machinery,
  • conveyors and their components,


  • products for mining,
  • mining machines and equipment,


  • building materials and products,
  • construction machinery and equipment.



Certification outside the scope of accreditation


We conduct voluntary certification processes for compliance with technical requirements, legal regulations, standards and specifications for products from a variety of industries:


  • mechanical,
  • electrotechnical,
  • energy-related,
  • automotive,
  • household appliances,
  • construction,
  • toy,
  • and for products that are used in industries, e.g. made of rubber or plastic.


Certification for the “B” joint guarantee mark (formerly known as the safety mark)


Certification for the “B” mark is a confirmation of product safety by an independent entity. The product marked with this sign is safe to use and inspires trust of the recipient.