Cosmetics Branch

Disinfectant research

The quality of disinfectants and sanitizers


J.S. Hamilton’s experienced experts for many years has been offering services in the field of product quality and safety confirmation.


Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, disinfectants and sanitizers have become first need products and are constantly in our daily lives.


These products are designed to effectively protect consumers against potential infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria.


There are many such products available on the market, therefore it is very important to ensure their high quality by checking whether a given product contains biocidal ingredients declared by the manufacturer.


In response to the market demand, the J.S. Hamilton offers tests of the declared composition in terms of alcohol content in agents such as disinfecting and hand sanitizing liquids and gels.


Content Tests


  • ethanol
  • isopropanol
  • 2-propanol
  • methanol
  • glycerin (as a moisturizing additive)


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