Petrochemical Inspection Services

Biomass and secondary fuels inspection and testing

J.S. Hamilton Poland Sp.z o.o. offers a comprehensive services and quality control of the entire logistics chain. Our services involves determining the quantity and quality of biomass in maritime, rail and land transport. An extensive network of labs provides a quick and effective quantity and sampling assessment. Obtained in our laboratory test results can provide a basis for financial settlements between the supplier and the recipient. Our offer is directed to power plants, manufacturers and biomass suppliers.


Our offer:


  • determination of goods quantity to be transported
  • inspection and monitoring of loading and discharging, weighing supervision
  • representative biomass sample collection
  • testing services in two accredited labs, quality control
  • stocktaking of stockpiles and warehouses
  • organization of logistics solutions – sea and land freight
  • biomass analysis, outsourcing



Biomass testing includes:


  • ash content
  • volatile matter
  • carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur content (C, H, N, S)
  • calorific value
  • chlorine content
  • determination of elemental analysis and and minor elements and ash elemental composition
  • ash fusibility temperature
  • fluorine (F), chlorine (Cl), and bromine (Br) halogens content
  • extractable organic halogens (EOX) content
  • biomass content
  • bulk density
  • pellet quality and physical properties testing