The technical laboratory of Hamilton TEST is accredited to No. AB 1552 issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation, the signatory of the agreements EA MLA and ILAC MRA regarding mutual recognition of test results.


The laboratory is located in the direct vicinity of the certification body, which ensures full consistency, comprehensiveness, and reliability of the services provided.


The highly qualified specialists perform accredited tests for:


  • electrical devices intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, depending on the type of protection:
  • flameproof “d” covers,
  • gas shields with “p” overpressure,
  • strengthened “e” construction,
  • intrinsically-safe “i” execution,
  • explosion protection devices “n”,
  • equipment with encapsulated “m” protection,
  • intrinsically-safe systems,
  • device level protection device (EPL) Ga,
  • protection of devices against dust ignition in T-type housing.


Examples of devices in this area:


  • electric rotating machines,
  • electrical transformers,
  • switches and switchgear,
  • fixed and portable lighting fixtures,
  • battery and accumulator lamps,
  • fuses,
  • sensors, measuring transducers, and control and measurement devices,
  • communication and signalling devices,
  • DC power supply units,
  • automation, control and transmission devices.


  • non-electrical devices intended for work in potentially explosive atmospheres,
  • conveyor belts,
  • welded cladding mesh for mine workings,
  • yoke of mining stirrups,
  • mining anchors,
  • mining electrical machinery and equipment,
  • rubber and plastic hoses,
  • mining drives and hydraulic controls – plug connectors.