Technical tests and workplace safety testing

Fire (flammability) testing

  • tests of plastics, rubber products and products coated with rubber, construction elements, glue, foam, fabrics, bonds, chemical materials, packages, toys, etc.,
  • a wide array of flammability tests (among others UL94, PN-EN 60695-11-10, PN-EN 60695-11-20, PN-EN 60332-1-2:2010, PN-EN ISO 9773, PN-EN 60332-2-2:2010, PN-ISO 3795 (corresponding to FMVSS 302),
  • oxygen index test in accordance with PN-EN ISO 4589-2,
  • toxicity tests in accordance with NES713.


The laboratory has been certified by the Polish Centre for Accreditation to perform fire/flammability testing.