Technical tests and workplace safety testing

Technical tests and workplace safety testing

HAMILTON TEST has run a specialist laboratory for 10 years, offering a wide array of technical tests. It has been granted accreditation no. AB 1552 issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation, a signatory of EA MLA and ILAC MRA agreements concerning mutual test results recognition.


Highly competent staff and state-of-the-art equipment that meets all the requirements of traceability ensure high accuracy of measurements and quick testing.


Tests carried out at HAMILTON TEST Laboratory can be used as:


  • tests of products required in the process of certification both in HAMILTON TEST and other bodies notified in all European Union,
  • periodic checks repeated in certification or recertification processes,
  • engineering, operation, control and in-process product checks.


We deliver services to the following, and other, fields of business:


  • mining,
  • power industry,
  • railroading,
  • construction,
  • lighting industry,
  • machinery industry,
  • metal industry,
  • transport industry,
  • rubber industry,
  • fuel industry,
  • production of synthetic materials,
  • automotive industry,
  • household appliances,
  • toy industry.