Clinical and instrumental tests proving the efficacy of food supplements

Clinical tests are supposed to certify that the properties of a food supplement match the manufacturer’s declaration. They involve the evaluation of volunteers’ opinions after using the preparation with unified verification standards.


The tests are conducted on a selected group of several dozen volunteers who test the product under specific conditions and time restrictions. They are conducted by clinical test specialists under the supervision of a dermatologist, gynaecologist, or physicians of the appropriate specialty, adequate to the tested parameters. Tests are conducted mainly at home, in the natural environment of use. The methods of use and frequency of application are strictly defined and adapted to the type of product.


Instrumental tests make it possible to objectively assess the effect of a food supplement, e.g. on the skin or hair. They measure the most important parameters and help to assess the actual impact of the supplement on the skin or hair.


We use professional equipment from Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH, which ensures precise results necessary to confirm marketing declarations.


The tests are conducted on a group of several dozen volunteers, and their selection is determined by the target user. A team of experienced specialists ensures an unbiased assessment and appropriate interpretation of the result.


We offer:


  • Clinical trials under the supervision of medical specialists,
    • assessment of the condition of the skin and/or hair before and after using the food supplement
    • subjective opinions of all volunteers in the study
    • individual selection of volunteers in accordance with the requirements


  • Instrumental tests with Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH equipment
    • hydration level tests
    • pH level tests
    • measure of the level of smoothing
    • measure of biomechanical parameters of the skin (firmness and elasticity)
    • TEWL tests
    • measure of the level of erythema/redness of the skin
    • melanin level tests
    • measure of the length and depth of wrinkles
    • measure of the roughness of the skin and the level of exfoliation of the epidermis
    • measure of the level of sebum secretion
    • oiliness level tests
    • hair thickness and density tests
    • skin surface photos with 30x magnification
    • measure of the soothing effect of the product with stinging and stripping test


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