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Electrical mechanical and environmental tests

Electrical testing, LVD

The test laboratory in Siemianowice Śląskie carries out tests in the following areas

measurements of direct and alternating voltages

  • alternating and direct current measurements
  • frequency and capacitance measurements
  • inductance measurements
  • resistance measurements and diode tests
  • leakage resistance to earth (floors, work surfaces, shelves, trolleys, chairs)
  • resistance of the “man/shoe/floor” system (effectiveness of earthing through ESD shoes and the floor in question)
  • point-to-point resistance (floors, work surfaces, flat materials, clothing), electrification,
  • electrical insulation strength
  • insulation resistance of cable lines, transformers, motors and other electrical equipment, also equipment used in telecommunications,
  • insulation clearances
  • capacity of cells and batteries,
  • short-circuit resistance of cells and batteries,
  • protection against residual voltage
  • continuity of protective circuitry and resistance of protective and equalising circuits,
  • surface resistance RS, RV cross resistance, resistance between RP points of non-metallic materials,
  • resistance of pipes and hydraulic hose made of plastic and rubber,
  • thermal – heating, temperature rise, maximum temperature
  • using contact and non-contact methods (thermal imaging),
  • intrinsically safe systems.

We carry out tests in the field of European, IEC and national standards, among others.

  • EN 60204 Series of standards
  • EN ISO 9241 series of standards
  • EN 62208 Series of standards
  • EN 61439 Series of standards
  • EN 60598 Series of standards
  • Series of standards PN-EN-IEC 598
  • EN 60335 Series of standards
  • Series of standards PN-EN IEC 62368
  • Series of standards EN 60950
  • EN 60950 Series of Standards EN 61851
  • EN 60068 Series of standards
  • EN 50305 series of standards
  • Standards series PN-G-50000


Our wide range of studies includes:

Electrical and electronic equipment, including household appliances and consumer electronics, computers, lighting, electrical equipment for machinery and equipment,

Testing of luminaires, industrial, emergency and domestic lighting, within the scope of PN-EN 60598 standards

Testing of teletechnical and telecommunications equipment, printers, cash registers,

Electrical energy storage devices, UPS, electric vehicle charging stations.

Testing of LV switchgear, empty switchgear enclosures, transformer stations.


Electrical equipment for use in explosive and non-explosive atmospheres, for example:

  • electrical rotating machines,
  • electrical transformers,
  • switches and switchgear,
  • fixed and portable luminaires,
  • battery and rechargeable lamps,
  • fuses,
  • sensors, measuring transducers and control and measurement apparatus,
  • communication and signalling equipment,
  • direct current power supplies,
  • automation, control and transmission equipment.


Equipment operating in explosive atmospheres,

Intrinsically safe systems,

Protection measures and safeguards in mine electrical power engineering – leakage protection, protective conductor earthing systems, short circuit and overload protection,

Mine AC switchgear for voltages above 1 kV up to and including 15 kV,

Mining through-holes for cables for rated voltages up to 6/10 kV,

Electrical insulating materials,

Power relays, measuring relays and protective devices,


Vehicles, machinery and equipment in particular:

  • mining rail locomotives,
  • overhead tractors,
  • mining machinery for extracting, loading and hauling,
  • free-wheeling drum winches,
  • diesel-powered mining machinery and equipment,
  • underground equipment in the field of dust extraction, wetting and spraying equipment,
  • machinery for grinding and crushing materials,
  • pumps, generators and compressors,
  • gearboxes, transmissions, drive bridges,
  • electric motors of standard and explosion-proof construction,
  • mining machinery and equipment for the transport and mechanical processing of coal,
  • general-purpose mobile platforms,


The laboratory is accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation in the field of electrical and electronic measurements. Full scope of our accreditation AB 1552 .

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