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Electrical mechanical and environmental tests

Environmental tests

Environmental tests

In terms of measuring noise, sound power, we carry out the following tests:

  • the measurement of noise at the workplace including the determination of noise exposure levels,
  • determining sound power levels and sound energy levels of noise sources on the basis of sound pressure measurements (technical and indicative method),
  • measuring noise at the workplace of machine and plant operators,
  • noise measurement on non-electrically driven equipment
  • measurement of environmental noise from installations, equipment and industrial plants,
  • indoor noise measurement in residential, community and public buildings and public buildings
  • the measurement of acoustic signals.

We also carry out mechanical vibration measurement tests in the following areas:

  • Measurement and calculation of occupational exposure to vibrations with general effects on the human body for health protection,
  • Measurement and determination of human exposure to hand-arm vibration,
  • Mobile trucks – Laboratory assessment and requirements for operator seat vibration,
  • Laboratory method for assessing seat vibration in a vehicle,
  • Rotating electrical machinery – Mechanical vibration of machinery,
  • Mechanical vibration – Hand-held or hand-guided machinery,
  • Earth-moving machinery – Mechanical vibration at the operator’s seat,
  • Car driver’s seat – measurement of mechanical vibration.


In the field of lighting measurements, we carry out tests:

  • Work environment – electrical lighting of indoor workplaces. Illuminance measurements, uniformity of illumination,
  • Work environment – electrical lighting of outdoor workplaces. Illuminance measurements, uniformity of illumination,
  • Working environment – emergency electric lighting.


The laboratory is accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation in the field of geometrical measurements.

The full scope of our accreditation is AB 1552.

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