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Flammability and fire tests

In the field of flammability testing, also known as fire testing, we provide services in:

  • oxygen index in accordance with EN ISO 4589-2
  • flammability of electric and optical fibre cables and wires using a 1kW compound flame and a diffusion flame,
  • flammability of plastics using a 50W test flame with horizontal and vertical specimen positioning (flammability categorisation, determination of V0, V1, V2, HB),
  • flammability according to UL94 (within the scope of accreditation),
  • determination of the flammability of thin, flexible, vertically positioned fittings exposed to a low-flame ignition source (VTM0, VTM1, VTM2),
  • flammability of conveyor belts and rubber parts,
  • flammability of conveyor belts using the model tunnel and type C tunnel methods,
  • flammability of conveyor belts using the friction method,
  • flammability of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses,
  • flammability of materials used in underground mining (according to EN 80079 series of standards)
  • flammability of plastics using a 500W test flame,
  • flammability of plastics using the test flame as described in EN ISO 10093:2001 with regard to fire testing of plastics and products made predominantly of plastic.
  • flammability of textile products, vertically positioned specimens,
  • flammability of upholstered furniture, determining the flammability of materials used in motor vehicles ISO 3795, FMVSS 302,
  • glow wire flammability,
  • flammability by hot plate method,
  • needle-flame flammability.
  • flammability of construction products with specification of the flammability class,
  • flammability of products used for the railway market.

The laboratory is accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation in the field of fire/flammability testing.

Full scope of our accreditation AB 1552

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