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Electrical mechanical and environmental tests

Research for the Automotive Market

Environmental “climate” research

  • Test A: Cold according to EN 60068,
  • Test B: Dry heat in accordance with EN 60068,
  • Test Cab: Moist heat in accordance with EN 60068,
  • Test N: Temperature changes according to EN 60068,
  • Test Db: Moist heat cyclic (12h + 12h cycle) according to EN 60068,
  • Test Z/AD: Composite cyclic temperature/humidity test according to EN 60068,
  • Cy test: Moisture solid heat, accelerated test mainly intended for components according to EN 60068,
  • Resistance to sudden temperature change according to EN 60068,
  • Thermal shock resistance according to EN 60068.

„Salt chamber” ageing tests

  • for automotive standards: BMW CCT, BMW AA, CCT, Chrysler LP, Ford CETP, FordBI, GMW, GM, Mazda MCT, Nisan NES, Renault, SAE, Toyota, VDA, Volkswagen, Volvo VCS
  • ISO, IEC standards, e.g: IEC 60068-2-52, IEC 60068-2-11, ISO 4623, ISO 6270-2, ISO 9227, ISO 3768, ISO 7253 ISO 16701
  • in terms of ASTM, MIL and EIA standards
  • within the scope of BS standards e.g.: BS 3900, BS 7479, BS 7479 AASS
  • within the scope of standards: GB/T (Chinese), DIN, VG, SART and Japan Acid Rain CCT

Electrical and electronic testing

  • measurement of direct and alternating voltages and currents
  • frequency and capacitance measurements
  • measurements of inductance and resistance
  • electrification, electrical strength of insulation, insulation clearances
  • capacity of cells and batteries and short-circuit resistance

Fire tests “flammability” for

  • determining the flammability of materials used in motor vehicles (ISO 3795, FMVSS 302),
  • oxygen index according to EN ISO 4589-2,
  • flammability of electric and optical fibre cables and wires using a 1kW compound flame and a diffusion flame,
  • flammability of plastics using a 50W test flame with horizontal and vertical specimen positioning (e.g. UL94),
  • determination of the flammability of thin, flexible, vertically positioned fittings exposed to a small flame ignition source,
  • flammability of plastics using a 500W test flame,
  • flammability of textiles, vertically positioned specimens,
  • flammability of textiles, vertically positioned specimens, flammability of glow wire.

Strength, impact and free fall tests

  • up to 50 kN (with an accuracy of 0.01 N, 0.01 mm) tension, compression, bending, cyclic tests
  • up to 1000 kN (with an accuracy of 0.1 N, 0.01 mm) tensile, compression, bending test,
  • impact test up to 300 J,

IP and IK tests

  • Degree of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) in accordance with EN 60529, EN, 60034-5, DIN 40050-9, EN 60598-1 including IP69k,
  • Degree of protection against external mechanical impact provided by enclosures
  • electrical equipment (IK code) in accordance with the requirements of the PN-EN 50102, PN-EN 62262, PN-EN 60068-2-75 standards.

Sinusoidal vibration, UV and Xenon tests

The laboratory is accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation for automotive testing.

The full scope of our AB-1552 accreditation.

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