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Electrical mechanical and environmental tests

Testing of explosion-proof construction products

Testing of explosion-proof construction products

In the field of testing explosion-proof construction products, we use the methods and requirements specified in the type series of standards EN 60079, IEC 60079, EN 80079, IEC 80079.

Testing in the scope of the ATEX directive and the IECEx system.

As an accredited laboratory and notified body, we support our customers in both the European and international markets.


We carry out tests in the field of:

  • measurement of geometrical quantities,
  • resistance of the enclosure to pressure, static and dynamic pressure loading,
  • protection against the transmission of explosions,
  • measurement and determination of reference pressure,
  • electrical strength of insulation
  • insulation clearances
  • capacity of cells and batteries,
  • short-circuit resistance of cells and batteries,
  • testing of transformers,
  • hot thermal resistance
  • cold thermal resistance,
  • free fall strength,
  • thermal tests, temperature rise,
  • IP degree of protection,
  • explosive gas concentration measurements
  • measurements of explosive gas and air flows.


We carry out tests on electrical equipment operating in potentially explosive atmospheres:

  • flame-resistant shielding “d”,
  • gas shields with positive pressure “p” and “pD”,
  • equipment with equipment protection level (EPL) Ga,
  • dust-protected equipment enclosure “t”
  • reinforced construction “e”
  • intrinsically safe execution “i”,
  • non-sparking execution type “n”
  • hermetic protection “m”,
  • sand shields “q”,
  • oil shielding “o”.

We also test non-electrical equipment operating in potentially explosive atmospheres for ‘ATEX’ and IECEx accreditation.

The laboratory is accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation for testing flameproof covers for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The full scope of our accreditation is AB 1552 .

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