Increase knowledge about the safety of your supplements

Product awareness is growing among consumers. Recipients are increasingly verifying compositions, seeking information on studies conducted, and choosing products most suited to their needs.

Trends in healthy eating and supporting the body with dietary supplements have forced manufacturers and distributors to pay more attention to the quality of pharmaceuticals and confirm it with independent research. Although dietary supplements are not drugs and are not subject to the same stringent regulations, growing consumer awareness is challenging them to subject their products to the best possible scrutiny.

The choice of remedies and their availability is virtually unlimited. Widespread advertising, however, is not an adequate incentive for informed consumers. Information about product efficacy and safety also plays an important role. Recipients increasingly pay attention to whether a product has been tested by accredited testing laboratories. Keeping in mind the growing knowledge of consumers, more and more supplements are checked by testing methods based on polish and international standards (PN & ISO).

At the J.S. Hamilton laboratory, we test, among other things:

  • microbiological safety,
  • pyrrolizidine and tropane alkaloids,
  • pesticide residues,
  • heavy metal content,
  • vitamin and mineral content,
  • stability of the dietary supplement,
  • various types of physicochemical parameters,
  • as well as many other parameters.

It is worth noting that dietary supplements of adequate quality can be a valuable addition to a balanced diet, but as long as they are not properly controlled, one cannot be sure of the quality of the available products. By raising awareness about the safety of a product, through research confirming its composition, it is easiest to build trust in products.

At J.S. Hamilton, we provide the highest quality of customer care and closely tailored offerings.

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