European Commodity Exchange in Warsaw

On October 12-13 in Warsaw, the European Commodity Exchange took place . The event, which brings together the most important representatives of the agro-food sector, had the opportunity to host Central and Eastern Europe for the first time in its long tradition.

The 63rd edition of the European Commodities Exchange was one of the important events on the calendar of J.S. Hamilton and the industry as a whole. It is not only an excellent opportunity to make contacts and present your offerings, but also to participate in a series of meetings with representatives of the entire sector from around the world.

This year J.S. Hamilton served as a gold sponsor of the fair and we were pleased to host our partners at a 36-meter booth located in the heart of the European Commodity Exchange right next to the networking area. It was the perfect place to establish new business relationships and solidify ties with existing partners.

As an accredited testing laboratory, J.S. Hamilton offers a comprehensive inspection service for import and export goods at all Polish ports, as well as in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and we provide quantitative and qualitative inspection of goods stored in warehouses in the country and the European Community.

We would like to thank the organizers of the Grain and Feed Chamber for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in such an important event!

If you have any questions or concerns, J.S. Hamilton Experts remain at your disposal.

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