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Sanitary control

Environmental testing is one of the elements of controlling the effectiveness of decontamination procedures performed in a production facility. The extent and type of testing should take into account the foreseeable source of infection and the likely routes of transmission. The mere fact that cleaning or disinfection processes were carried out does not mean that they were effective. In the case of microbiological cleanliness, which is the most important from the point of view of food safety, the control should consist of a sampling method that reflects the actual sanitary condition of the tested sites.

We offer assistance in the selection of sampling sites and methodology for the determination of microorganisms on the surface of equipment and devices used in production.

  • Monitoring of the production environment – surfaces and equipment.

Evaluation of microbiological contamination of surfaces is performed by classical methods, including the swabbing method (swab, sponge, cloth), contact plates and washings.

  • Monitoring of the hygiene of the personnel.

Samples for tests are swabs taken from the surface of both hands using the swab method.

  • Air monitoring.

We measure the number of microorganisms in a given volume using the sedimentation method with the use of plates with a solid substrate and the impact method (impaction method ) with the use of an air sampler.

This is a comprehensive service of microbiological control of food industry facilities and mass catering facilities, which includes: monitoring of the production facility environment (hygienic conditions of the facility, cleanliness of the environment and rooms, devices and equipment used in the production process), cleanliness of hands and protective clothing of employees.

Control includes the initial assessment of the quality system functioning in the facility (visit of the facility and familiarisation with internal documentation), performing environmental tests, verification of the manufacturing facility environment and personal hygiene of employees on the basis of microbiological tests performed. The inspection ends with preparation of a comprehensive report including analysis of microbiological tests performed and providing specific recommendations whose application will allow to improve sanitary conditions in the plant quickly and effectively.

Benefits for the client: assessment, research, report.

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