For the safety during the coronavirus pandemic

Due to the increasing number of coronavirus infection cases in Poland, we endeavour to do as much as we are able to ensure the safety of our contractors, employees and their families. J.S. Laboratories Hamilton are working seamlessly today. We carry out all analyzes on a regular basis, maintaining business continuity, while implementing measures to minimize the risk to our employees’ health.


We have taken many measures to protect laboratory employees who deal with microbes on a daily basis, so they maintain the highest standards of hygiene and personal protective equipment.

Now we have added:


  • we increased the frequency of disinfection of working surfaces with specialized protection facilities, including regular smoke and ozonation,
  • we supplied laboratories with additional protective equipment – gloves, face masks, paper towels,
  • we introduced shift work to minimize large groups of people; in addition, we start work on Sunday for people who have concerns about being in gatherings of people
  • we trained employees collecting samples in the field of personal protection and ordered strict compliance with our clients’ internal procedures.


We have also introduced protective work rules for the office employees of J.S. Hamilton:


  • the vast majority of our employees stay at home, caring for their own and their loved ones’ health, providing work remotely, using teleconferences, instant messengers, telephones,
  • we canceled all direct meetings with clients in Poland and abroad,
  • we limited the access of people from outside the company to the minimum necessary only in designated areas, where we installed dispensers with disinfectant liquid and warnings.


We emphasize that today the coronavirus epidemic has no effect on the current activities of J.S. Hamilton and we still guarantee full continuity of services. We closely monitor the current situation to be able to respond flexibly to changing conditions, including logistics or communication.


Today, security is a priority for all of us, we are constantly striving to provide services at the highest possible level, while maintaining emergency protection measures.