Hamilton takes over a company in Poland

J.S. Hamilton Group has announced the signing of a transaction agreement for the acquisition of a majority stake in UO-Technologia Sp. z o.o., a Polish entity with its registered office in Słomczyn.


With its joint businesses, Hamilton intends to open a “Pesticide Competence Center”, where laboratory, commercial and marketing functions – and other related activities – will be centralized and managed jointly as “Hamilton UO Technologia”.


UO-Technologia is a modern laboratory proud of its highly-qualified staff and sophisticated laboratory equipment which provides top-quality test results. The company specializes in testing pesticide residues in fruit and vegetables.


Hamilton offers its Customers a wide range of laboratory, control and certification services, being an example of an organization that combines a comprehensive range of analytical tests conducted in its own laboratories with testing and certification services.


“The world around us is constantly changing. If we want to grow as a company, we need to actively participate in these changes, as well as to understand the prevailing and upcoming market trends and demands. This is why we have decided to take over the majority stake in UO-Technologia. It is one of market leaders in pesticide residues testing. This specific kind of tests, when consumers’ interest in healthy food has increased so much, is gaining more and more importance – says Artur Waśkiewicz, Vice President of the Management Board in J.S Hamilton.


“Due to its market position in Poland and its network of facilities in Central and Eastern Europe, Hamilton is an ideal partner for the development of our laboratory” – comments Adam Jeznach, one of the founders and shareholders of UO-Technology.


The purchase agreement entered into force on 08.03.2019.