IECEx Assessment Scheme

The IECEx is a system for confirming the correct and safe construction of explosion-proof devices. Documents issued by this schema are globally recognized in all countries participating in the IECEx system. In Europe, IECEx certification is not obligatory, but it opens the door for the manufacturer to distribute its products to the world in the entire industry related to potentially explosive atmospheres.


The IECEx certification and testing scheme is based on the TC31 technical committee. The first concept of the organization was created in 1992, so that already in 2000 the first IECEx tests could be carried out and the first IECEx CoC certificate issued. Since August 2003, the system has been operating on the basis of a public website. The language of the IECEx system is English. All issued documents in the scheme (IECEx CoC certificates, ExTR reports, QAR quality system assessments) are publicly available at, which makes the system transparent because each user can at any time confirm the compliance of the device used with the requirements set by the IECEx organization. As in Europe, the most important document accompanying a product is the EU Declaration of Conformity, in the case of the IECEx system, the most important is the certificate, which is available online all the time.


By 2021, 36 countries had joined the IECEx scheme, Poland joined in 2008. J.S Hamilton Poland has the status of an ExCB certification body and an ExTL research laboratory,


The overall structure, scope of activities, workflows and responsibilities are presented in the IEC documents published on the website


The ExCB certification body cannot exist without the associated ExTL testing laboratory. Likewise, a test laboratory cannot exist without being linked to an ExCB unit.

ExCB and ExTL J. S. Hamilton are located in Siemianowice Śląskie, our scope of activity is IECEx testing and IECEx certification.


The test reports (ExTR) issued by the laboratory (ExTL) are verified by the ExCB unit. The ExCB unit supervises the tests (scope and test program) performed by ExTL


The IECEx CoC certificate can be issued after the unit (ExCB) carries out both laboratory tests (ExTL) and the assessment of production quality assurance in accordance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 80079-34.


We specialize in testing and IECEx certification of electrical Ex devices and components such as cable entries, cable glands, insulators, empty Ex d enclosures, junction boxes, lighting fixtures, electric motors, combustion engines, transformers, sensors, transducers, barriers, and a whole range of non-electrical Ex devices such as pumps, mixers, dissolvers, mechanical and pneumatic transport devices, valves, gears, brakes, skids, and many others … All in compliance with the following standards:


IEC 60079-0 – electrical equipment

IEC 60079-1 – flameproof enclosures Ex d

IEC 60079-2 – pressurized enclosures Ex p

IEC 60079-7 – incerased safety Ex e

IEC 60079-11 – Ex i intrinsically safe equipment

IEC 60079-15 – Non-sparking equipment Ex n

IEC 60079-18 – encapsulation Ex m

IEC 60079-25 – intrinsically safe systems

IEC 60079-26 – category 1 equipment, EPL Ga

IEC 60079-28 – optical radiation Ex op

IEC 60079-31 – equipment for dust atmospheres Ex t

IEC ISO 80079-36 – Ex h non-electrical equipment

IEC ISO 80079-37 – Ex h non-electrical equipment


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