J.S. Hamilton Certification. Safety & Compliance Confirmed by Experts.

Each of the products is unique. It has certain features, properties and the idea of being present on the market. A manufacturer looking for unusual solutions, fitting in with the current trends (or setting them), aims to gain a market advantage and increase its sales. He looks for uniqueness and wants to stand out.


Reliable confirmation of uniqueness can only take place through an independent entity. It is a guarantee of objectivity, based on the knowledge gained over the years.


The certification process have been formulated, inter alia, on the basis of the wording of the standards: IEC 17000, 17007, 17030, 17065, 17067. In the nomenclature, it is a type 2 program according to EN ISO / IEC 17067 and as standard, the certificate is issued for a period of 3 years. Confirm the obligatory (compliant with applicable laws, standards) and/or optional product properties subjected to assessment.


Products marked with the conformity marks of J.S. HAMILTON are characterized by high quality and are appreciated and recognized by recipients all over the world.


One of the unique confirmation is certificate “Food SAFE, Certified Packaging & Food Contact Articles“:


In order to meet the changing trends and consumers’ preferences, J.S. Hamilton has developed guidelines based on applicable law, including Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004, Regulation (EC) No 2023/2006, Directive 94/62/EC, Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011, Annex 10 of the FDHA Regulation on Materials and Articles intended to come into Contact with Food (SR 817.023.21) (Swiss Ordinance), BfR Recommendations on Food Contact Materials, Code of Federal Regulations 21, Food and Drugs, and other prescriptive requirements, supplemented by additional or modified requirements, as well as guidelines of various organizations depending on the respective use and type of material/article under review.

Details: Voluntary certification J.S. Hamilton


The change in the way of sales, which are currently taking place (the increasing share of e-commerce) puts the need for the seller to visually differentiate the product. The proper description, image or added values, allow to distinguish product from other, competitive ones.



  • Adding value to my product vs competitors;
  • “Catching” customers attention on e-shops offers;
  • The ability to sell more expensive by having added value;
  • Negotiating items in your advantage (“I won’t come down on price”).


A non-obvious solution that is applicable in practice – manufacturer creating for producer/brand owner

Your customer expects to be able to put a mark (e.g. Useful for recycling mark) on his product. Is this possible?

Yes! We can implement the process in two ways, depending on your business goal:

  • Your company completes the certification process and sells the product with the certificate intended for your customer;
  • Your company completes the process and receives a certificate, which can be used to issue certificates for many customers (we issue a so-called co-licence for your customer).


In every area of its operations, J.S. HAMILTON aims to broaden the knowledge of the society, companies and government institutions, with a view to a better and safe tomorrow for every citizen and the consumer. The certificate and the individual mark of conformity, resulting from the certification process, is like a trophy for the manufacturer, gained through hard work on the creation of the product.


It is worth reaching for them with us.